Friday, October 28, 2016

Security features in Microsoft Outlook 2016

Security features in Microsoft Outlook 2016

The latest security features in Microsoft Outlook 2016 are admittedly a great relief for various businesses. No matter how fascinating and friendly your email client is; you always need top-notch security features to relish a seamless and unstressed emailing experience. You deserve a secured email client which ensures the safety of your account and the contents when it is about your professional emailing. Microsoft Outlook 2016 stands tall in terms of security features adding more grace to the emailing experience of the users in comparison to its previous versions. The cutting-edge security features of the service can be leveraged on PC, iOS devices and Android devices. The top Microsoft Outlook 2016 security features include:

·       Encryption Of Emails – It’s a great tool to protect your email messages from being misused. This option helps you to convert the ordinary text into a special coded and scrambled form which becomes pretty tough read for unauthorized users. You only get the key to decode the message as the real account holder. 

·     Prevention Of Stored Data – This feature from Outlook is indeed a blessing for the users who usually have to store big size data a myriad of times which creates a risk of data loss. This option prevents the sensitive data from accidental sharing or deletion.  

Multifactor authentication – The MFA feature ensures the additional security of your contents as the email client asks for multiple authentications in the case of MFA and it can’t be simply ditched by an unauthorized user.

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